Yes, There’s Love For Boston in New York!

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It doesn’t take a die-hard MLB PrePlayer to know of the bitter rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees and how much each fan base despises the other.  But here at PrePlay, located squarely in the heart of Yankee territory in Midtown Manhattan, we have more love for Boston than most here in the Big Apple.

That’s because the New England Sports Network (NESN), the regional broadcast home of the Boston Red Sox, has partnered with PrePlay to make the Official Predictive Game of Major League Baseball a part of its overall second-screen strategy.

The early returns from the partnership have been extremely positive.  An overwhelming 39 percent of all new users in the app since the All-Star Break have been Red Sox fans – thanks in large part to the promotional efforts NESN provides.  In return, we are able to target highly engaged Red Sox fans with in-house or sponsor messaging on mobile through PrePlay’s state-of-the-art advertising platform.

Don’t worry Yankees fans, we’ll be working on a way to get this rivalry back on an even keel.

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