PrePlay Substitutes FIFA 13 with Actually Going to Real Soccer Games

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This past Sunday, members of the NY PrePlay team enjoyed an International Champions Cup double-header at MetLife stadium. FIFA 13 is the official video game in both the NY and Paris offices so we were pretty pumped to see the real deal on our local pitch. Unfortunately, the first game featured some atrocious play by Inter Milan against a Valencia squad that showed up in championship form. It was sad to see Inter remain flatfooted for much of their 4-0 defeat. None of us predicted that score line.


Game 2 was much more entertaining.  I was really hoping for goals from Balotelli, Prince Boateng, and El Shaarawy- and it looked like one might happen early with AC Milan starting off as the stronger side. However, the Chelsea veterans remained consistent in their play and scored the first goal- though it was definitely against the grain of play. The rest of the match was pretty even until Chelsea doubled their lead in the second minute of extra time.


Despite the results of the day, I’m still not sure which teams while do better in their upcoming campaigns. Will one even win their league? Which will go further in the Champions League? What do you think?

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