2014 MLB PrePlay

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Baseball season just ended, but we’re already really excited about the 2014 MLB season. Last week, the NYC PrePlay office and a few members of our Paris team headed to upstate New York to do some intense brainstorming of how the app and game will look next season. Now, we can’t tell you all about what we came up with, (where’s the fun in that?) but we can tell you we’re pretty excited about the advances and where the game is headed next year.

We had a nice friendly match of wiffle ball and soccer (while exercising our minds, might as well exercise the body too!) and in the spirit of the World Cup divided teams into French and Americans. In a golden goal finish, the Americans narrowly (literally the ball went off the post) took the game.

It was a great day and we’re really excited for what’s to come with MLB PrePlay during the next year and we’re confident you’ll be excited too! Stay tuned, only 136 days until Opening Day!

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Week 10 College Football Match-ups

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If you can believe it, it’s November! There are only a few weeks left of the regular season and there’s already tons of speculation as to who will be playing in the coveted BCS Championship Game. While the top four teams seem pretty stable at this point, anything can happen with big conference and rivalry games in the upcoming weeks.

Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for this weekend in CBS Sports PrePlay:

11.1 collage








Saturday November 2

12 PM             No. 4 Ohio State vs. Purdue on BTN

12 PM             No. 24 Wisconsin vs. Iowa on abc/ESPN2

12:30 PM       Southern Mississippi vs. Marshall on CBSSN

3:30 PM         Georgia vs. Florida on CBS

3:30 PM         Navy vs. No. 25 Notre dame on NBC

3:30 PM         No. 8 Clemson vs. Virginia on ESPN

3:30 PM         No. 21 Michigan vs. No. 22 Michigan State on abc

4 PM               Hawaii vs. Utah State on CBSSN

6 PM               No. 11 Auburn vs. Arkansas on ESPN2

7 PM               Tennessee vs. No. 9 Missouri on ESPN

7 PM               No. 21 Oklahoma State vs. No. 15 Texas Tech on FOX

7 PM               Boise State vs. Colorado State on CBSSN

8 PM               No. 7 Miami vs. No. 2 Florida State on abc

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Week 9 College Football Match-ups

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10.24 collageWith the first round of the BCS rankings out, it’s crazy to think we are nearing the last few weeks of the season.  We saw some teams fall, hard, from the rankings (Louisville, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Georgia) and a few make some major moves up in the poll (Missouri, Auburn).  It’s hard to know where exactly teams well land at the end of the year, but now that the upsets have started becoming a weekly occurrence in the Top 25, it’s sure fun to watch and see what predictions will come to fruition this season.


This week, there are some great match-ups around the leagues that we’re particularly excited for.

  • Big 12: No. 10 Texas Tech vs. No. 15 Oklahoma
  • Pac 12: No. 12 UCLA vs. No. 3 Oregon
  • Big Ten: Penn State vs. No. 4 Ohio State
  • SEC: No. 21 South Carolina vs. No. 5 Missouri

We’re used to seeing some high caliber SEC teams, but I think Missouri has most definitely been a surprise to most SEC East schools/fans this year and it will be very interesting to see how they fair vs. the Gamecocks this weekend. Penn State and Ohio State have always had some exciting games throughout their long history, and after PSU’s impressive win over Michigan plus having a bye week to prepare for the Buckeyes, it could turn out to be another great game between these Big Ten rivals.

Here’s our full slate of games for this weekend:

Saturday October 26

12 PM            No. 20 Louisville vs. South Florida on ESPN2

12 PM            Wake Forest vs. No. 7 Miami on ESPNU

12:21 PM       Vanderbilt vs. (16) Texas A&M on ESPN3

1 PM              Pittsburgh vs. Navy on CBSSN

3:30 PM         Tennessee vs. No. 1 Alabama on CBS

3:30 PM         No. 9 Clemson vs. Maryland on ESPN

3:30 PM         No. 10 Texas Tech vs. No. 15 Oklahoma on FOX

3:30 PM         Michigan State vs. Illinois on abc/ESPN2

5 PM              Notre Dame vs. Air Force on CBSSN

7 PM              No. 12 UCLA vs. No. 3 Oregon on ESPN

7 PM               No. 21 South Carolina vs. No. 5 Missouri on ESPN2

7 PM              No. 8 Baylor vs. Kansas on ESPNU

8 PM              Penn State vs. No. 4 Ohio State on abc






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Week 8 College Football Match-Ups

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10.17 collage


Well, we finally saw some upsets last week, and we’re betting there’s a lot more to come this season. We saw a beaten up Georgia fall to Missouri, Texas beat Oklahoma, Stanford fall to Utah (who would have called that?!),  Northwestern get trounced by Wisconsin, and Michigan lose a whirlwind of a game at Penn State.  The upsets created a slight shuffle to the Top 25 and should make for an interesting week of games.


ACC on the Rise?

Two teams from the ACC are in the top five, and no, and believe it or not we aren’t talking about basketball. No. 5 Florida State heads visits No. 3 Clemson for the first top five match up of two ACC teams in eight years! The U, or Miami, has also been on the rise this season and has earned the No. 10 spot in this week’s rankings.

Here are our College Football Match-ups for this week:

Thursday, October 17

7:30 PM         No. 10 Miami vs. North Carolina on ESPN

Saturday, October 19

12 PM            No. 15 Georgia vs. Vanderbilt on CBS

12:21 PM       No. 22 Florida vs. No. 14 Missouri on ESPN3

3:30 PM         No. 9 UCLA vs. No. 13 Stanford on ABC/ESPN2

3:30 PM         Iowa vs. No. 4 OSU on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

3:30 PM          No. 18 Oklahoma vs. Kansas on ESPN/ESPN2

4 PM              North Texas vs. Louisiana Tech on CBSSN

7 PM              Iowa State vs. No. 15 Baylor on ESPNU

7PM               No. 6 LSU vs. Ole Miss on ESPN/ESPN2

7PM               Arkansas vs. No. 1 Alabama on ESPN/ESPN2

7:30 PM         USC vs. Notre Dame on NBC

8PM               Nevada vs. Boise State on CBSSN

8:30 PM         No. 5 Florida State vs. No. 3 Clemson on ABC


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Week 7 College Football Match-ups

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10.10 collageCan you believe we’re already seven weeks into the college football season? There haven’t been too many big surprises yet, but there’s more than enough time for some colossal upsets to shake up the rankings.

This week, we’ve got a great spread of games across the major conferences for you to PrePlay. You can start earning CFB points early this week with two Thursday games with Rutgers vs. Louisville and San Diego State vs. Air Force.

Saturday we’ll start the day off with the Red River Rivalry Game between Oklahoma and Texas at noon. This is always a huge game, even though we’ve yet to see Texas impress us yet this season. Nonetheless, rivalry games can make rankings irrelevant and can come down to who wants it more. This could be a huge win for Texas and a boost to their morale for the rest of the season if they can pull off an upset over No. 12 Oklahoma.

Here’s our Week 7 schedule:

Thursday October 11

7 PM               Rutgers vs. No. 8 Louisville on ESPN

9PM                San Diego State vs. Air Force on CBSSN

Saturday October 13

12 PM             No. 12 Oklahoma vs. Texas on ABC

12 PM             Eastern Michigan vs. Army on CBSSN

3:30 PM          No. 17 Florida vs. No. 10 LSU on CBS

3:30 PM           No. 19 Northwestern vs. Wisconsin on ABC/ESPN2

3:30 PM          Boston College vs. No. 3 Clemson on ABC/ESPN2

3:30 PM          San Jose State vs. Colorado State on CBSSN

4 PM               No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 16 Washington on FOX Sports 1

5 PM               No. 18 Michigan vs. Penn State on ESPN

7 PM               No. 1 Alabama vs. Kentucky on ESPN2

8PM                Boise State vs. Utah State on CBSSN

8:30 PM          No. 9 Texas A&M vs. Ole Miss on ESPN


See you in the app!




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