NHL PrePlay Updates

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Last week we released a new version of NHL® PrePlay. This wasn’t your standard update with just a few bug fixes (though those are always important too!) We added two new guess types AND a new sound notification for when guesses come in.

Stars of the game

After the first period, take a stab at who you think the stars of the game will be. Select from any three players from both teams.


Upcoming Power Play

Think there will be a power play in the next five minutes of the game? Pick which team you think is most likely to get a power play, or select no power play if you think the next five minutes will be penalty free!

Did you hear that?

Now when a new guess comes in you’ll hear a new sound notification alerting you that a new guess is live.

If you haven’t updated yet, what are you waiting for? If you’re new to the game, download it for free here.

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