Hard Knocks – What we learned in Episode 1

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After a hard-hitting first episode of Hard Knocks, we, as an audience, are left with many questions. Let’s review last week’s episode and preview today’s show.

Some of our questions were answered about rookie Giovani Bernard. For starters, this dude is fast. Maybe it’s the beautiful cinematography of NFL Films merged with HBO, but watching Bernard cut was some of the fastest and most beautiful moves that I have ever seen watching an NFL practice. He was certainly one of the focal points of the episode and that’s what this show is about. HBO pulls the curtain back to show you this second round draft pick driving his girlfriend’s mom’s fully loaded minivan to Cincinnati.

Now back to football, long story short is that Bernard doesn’t seem to have enough power to be the workhorse back, but if you get this kid in space he can make plays. We’re still on our prediction from last week about BenJarvus Green-Ellis being the short yardage and goal-line back but when you see Bernard come on the field, guess a either a converted third down or a pass over 10 yards.

The coaching staff seemed very impressed with the first rounder Tyler Eifert but Jermaine Gresham is still very much in the mix to be the go to tight end, even if his only real airtime was pancaking All-pro Geno Atkins in the famous Oklahoma Drill (though there was a controversy on whether or not he was offsides). Eifert still seems to be Andy Dalton’s shiny new toy and will catch a lot of passes.

We did see a bit more of Andy Dalton and who he is as a person. The most “noteworthy” pieces of information revealed were that he wears a rubber wedding ring and does Pilates.  Here’s a guy who doesn’t care about what his teammates think or how much they make fun of him, now that’s an NFL quarterback we can admire.  In all seriousness Pilates are a great workout, and I guess he’s got a pretty good arm.

Finally, a new prediction to look forward to seeing on today’s show is to really examine the Bengals defense. This team has arguably the best front seven in the league and should dominate against the run. When you make your picks with PrePlay Football this season, when the Bengals defense is on the field, guess a lot of stuffed runs (run less the 4 yards) and sacks.

Enjoy today’s show and comment if you have any other predictions of what we can expect to see this week.

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