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While PrePlay is one of the leading companies in predictive gaming, we still know that we’re a small fish in a big pond when it comes to sports, technology, and gaming. Just like most people have their own role models and people that they admire, we too have companies that we admire. We look to companies that have great values, mission statements, innovation, products, marketing, and much more. Here are a few of our favorites.

Apple: Although we do love our Android apps and phones, we can’t help but recognize that Apple has taken the market by storm ever since that crazy iMac they were making back in the day. Apples has created products, from the iPhone to Apple TV, that make you think that you need to have them, and that once you’ve gone Apple, you can’t go back. There are plenty of substitutes for their phones, laptops, tablets, but seems like everyone is drinking the Apple Kool-Aid these days. And with that…we’ll toast to Apple.


Seamless: If you don’t know about Seamless yet, you probably hate food or are super motivated to cook/grocery shop (or your mom and dad do that for you…). While we love Seamless for their extensive delivery options in the NYC area, we particularly love Seamless because of their hilarious presence on Facebook. Give them a “like”, trust us, you’ll like what you see. They have personality and pizzazz, which makes you really enjoy engaging with the brand beyond just using them to have food delivered to your apartment when you’re too lazy to get out of your pajamas and go buy a bagel at the store for breakfast.


Electronic Arts: (Yeah we got all fancy pants with writing out the full name) Even though EA got named ‘Worst Company’ by some bozos back in April, we have always and will always admire our friends over at EA. PrePlay was born on out of a desire to combine live sports and video games, so naturally, they are giants in the video game world that we aim to emulate. Of course you know from the-8th-era’s blog post that we love playing FIFA 13, so that sways our vote a bit, but just like Apple, EA has created products that every smart gamer geek needs rather than just wants. (Please leave your EA game suggestions in the comment section, we’re getting FIFA’ed out.)


 So now that you’ve learned a bit about some of the companies and brands that we love, what companies out there do YOU love and admire? (in addition to PrePlay of course.)

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