College Football Match Ups: Weeks 2-3

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College football is back and Saturdays have meaning again. There are few things I like more than spending all day watching college football (though most of my coworkers would argue that Sunday is the better day to spend binge watching football, we’ll have to agree to disagree). There’s nothing like team spirit exuding from the tailgates into stadiums, and seeing that spirit spill out to the streets of NYC (or whatever city you’re in) as alumnae flock to their respective bars to cheer on their team.

Anyway, where were we? Right, our Week 2 games kick off Friday and we’ve got some great match ups featured in CBS Sports PrePlay Football this weekend. Early conference match ups have given a new meaning to the first few weeks of college football.  In the next few years I think we’ll see less of the “cupcake games” and more high caliber match ups right from the get-go. Plus, after all the upsets we saw from FCS schools this past weekend, apparently “cupcake games” shouldn’t be taken too lightly anyway.

Let’s have a look and see what games you can play this week.

Friday September 6

  • UCF vs. FIU on CBSSN
  • Wake Forest vs. Boston College on ESPN2

Saturday September 7

12 PM

  • Florida vs. Miami on ESPN
  • Norfolk State vs. Rutgers on CBSSN

3:30 PM

  • San Diego State vs. Ohio State on ESPN2
  • Utah State vs. Air Force on CBSSN
  • Oregon vs. Virginia on ABC

4:30 PM

  • South Carolina vs. Georgia on ESPN

7 PM

  • West Virginia vs. Oklahoma on FOX
  • Texas vs. BYU on ESPN2
  • Colorado State vs. Tulsa on CBSSN


  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan on ESPN


  • Arizona vs. UNLV on CBSSN

Undoubtedly, the South Carolina vs. Georgia and the Notre Dame vs. Michigan games are the highlight of this weekend’s match ups, and I personally hope we don’t see this again on GameDay Saturday morning.

Oregon vs. Virginia should be interesting to see the Ducks compete on the road, but they sure haven’t skipped a beat without Chip Kelly at the helm this year. WVU and Oklahoma face off for their first Big 12 game of 2013, and in-state rivals Florida and Miami can usually be counted on for a high intensity match up.

Week 3

Based on what we saw this past weekend, plus our expectations for some high caliber games this week, we have set our schedule for Week 3 of College Football.  Let’s take a peek at what games we’ll be featuring during September 12-14.

Thursday September 12

  • TCU vs. Texas Tech on ESPN

Saturday September 14

12 PM

  • Stanford vs. Army on CBSSN
  • UCLA vs. Nebraska on ABC
  • Louisville vs. Kentucky on ESPN

3:30 PM

  • Alabama vs. Texas A&M on CBS
  • Tennessee vs. Oregon on ESPN/ABC
  • Delaware vs. Navy on CBSSN


  • Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina on ESPN/ESPN2
  • Ohio State vs. California on FOX
  • Mississippi State vs. Auburn on ESPN/ESPN2


  • Kansas vs. Rice on CBSSN

8 PM

  • Notre Dame vs. Purdue on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2

10:30 PM

  • Wisconsin vs. ASU ESPN/ESPN2

There are a lot of great match ups in Week 3.  Undeniably, Alabama and Texas A&M might be one of the best games of the season. The Aggies were the only team to beat the Crimson Tide last year, and this year they face off at College Station! (Sheesh, this game is 2 weeks away and I’m already excited for this game).  UCLA vs. Nebraska can’t be overlooked either, both are top 20 teams out to prove they will be top contenders in their respective conferences.

Make sure you get those pregame picks in, it’s going to be a great week of football!

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