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PrePlay Substitutes FIFA 13 with Actually Going to Real Soccer Games

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This past Sunday, members of the NY PrePlay team enjoyed an International Champions Cup double-header at MetLife stadium. FIFA 13 is the official video game in both the NY and Paris offices so we were pretty pumped to see the real deal on our local pitch. Unfortunately, the first game featured some atrocious play by Inter Milan against a Valencia squad that showed up in championship form. It was sad to see Inter remain flatfooted for much of their 4-0 defeat. None of us predicted that score line.


Game 2 was much more entertaining.  I was really hoping for goals from Balotelli, Prince Boateng, and El Shaarawy- and it looked like one might happen early with AC Milan starting off as the stronger side. However, the Chelsea veterans remained consistent in their play and scored the first goal- though it was definitely against the grain of play. The rest of the match was pretty even until Chelsea doubled their lead in the second minute of extra time.


Despite the results of the day, I’m still not sure which teams while do better in their upcoming campaigns. Will one even win their league? Which will go further in the Champions League? What do you think?

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Yes, There’s Love For Boston in New York!

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It doesn’t take a die-hard MLB PrePlayer to know of the bitter rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees and how much each fan base despises the other.  But here at PrePlay, located squarely in the heart of Yankee territory in Midtown Manhattan, we have more love for Boston than most here in the Big Apple.

That’s because the New England Sports Network (NESN), the regional broadcast home of the Boston Red Sox, has partnered with PrePlay to make the Official Predictive Game of Major League Baseball a part of its overall second-screen strategy.

The early returns from the partnership have been extremely positive.  An overwhelming 39 percent of all new users in the app since the All-Star Break have been Red Sox fans – thanks in large part to the promotional efforts NESN provides.  In return, we are able to target highly engaged Red Sox fans with in-house or sponsor messaging on mobile through PrePlay’s state-of-the-art advertising platform.

Don’t worry Yankees fans, we’ll be working on a way to get this rivalry back on an even keel.

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Meet the Mods

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Have you been curious to learn more about who the Mods are as you play PrePlay?  Here’s a little background info on the “yellow people” you’ll find in support chat.

Andrew Daines


Username: Andrew
Position at PrePlay: CEO
Hometown: New York City

How you came to work at PrePlay: This one time I wanted to make watching sports more fun, so I started a company called PrePlay. Some other people wanted to join the company, so now 20 of us hang out every day, building apps and taking names. 

I have a cat named Forest. His dad was a bobcat. He’s vicious. 


Scott Neff


User name: scott_n
Role at PrePlay: Chief Operating Officer
Hometown: Greenwich, CT

How I came to work at PrePlay: In my former life I was a teacher, and the dad of one of my students fortuitously introduced me to CEO Andrew when I was finishing up business school in April of 2011.

I’m currently training for the New York City Marathon, which will take place just days after the Mets win the World Series so it will be one big victory lap for me.



Username: Caitlin
Role at PrePlay: Chief Marketing Officer
Hometown: Milton, MA

How you came to work at PrePlay: Before joining PrePlay I worked in Marketing for ESPN, making commercials for baseball and soccer. When I wanted to take the next step in my career, I accepted the opportunity to head up PrePlay’s marketing team. 

I am an avid movie watcher, and tend to quote movies more often than is socially acceptable. 


charlieUser name: charlie
Role at PrePlay: Director of QA
Hometown: Brooklyn
How you came to work at PrePlay: I was writing about sports (among other various jobs) and I heard about PrePlay in conjunction with another sports startup I was doing some work for at the time. I met Andrew and after talking with him about PrePlay, it sounded like an ambitious project that I wanted to be a part of. 

I once played high school basketball against Joakim Noah.



User name: Justins
Role at PrePlay: Quality Assurance
Hometown: Seattle, WA

How you came to work at PrePlay: I was a fan of the original football app and loved the concept. Once I started talking to a few employees I knew it was a great, fun company and opportunity.

I can fit 10 cheeto puffs in my mouth. I enjoy playing video games, rock climbing, and the beach!




Will Smith


Username: Fprince333
Role at PrePlay: Producer
Hometown: New York City

How you came to work at PrePlay: I worked on several different startups and knew some of the co-founders before they started the company.

I’m really, really good at watching TV.






User name: jamo23
Role at PrePlay: Social Media Coordinator    
Hometown: Toledo, OH

How you came to work at PrePlay: I got an email that I thought was spam, turns out it was a sweet job description… and I now work here.

I thought I was good at watching TV, then I met Fprince333.









User name: The-8th-Era
Role at PrePlay: Analyst
Hometown: Valley Forge, PA

How you came to work at PrePlay: I started interning for PrePlay during the summer before my senior year. Then I joined on full-time right after graduation.

I’m a Nicolas Cage fan.


User name: Indy
Role at PrePlay: Associate
Hometown: Indianapolis

How you came to work at PrePlay: I love sports and love playing video games. So when I heard of a job opportunity at prepay I jumped on it. Haven’t looked back since.

I enjoy wrangling crocodiles in the Hudson river and fortune cookie writing.

Jack preplay photo


Username: Jacks
Role at PrePlay: Associate
Hometown: New York City

I wanted to work with Preplay since it’s inception and once my brother started working there I got my shot to contribute.

I love baseball and football to no end and my friend and I have a sports radio show every week at college where we break down news and recap NFL games.



User name: robbief
Role at PrePlay: Associate
Hometown: New York

How I came to work at PrePlay: Scott used to teach at the school I went to.

I’ve been to more WNBA games than NBA games.







User name: Peter231
Role at PrePlay: Associate
Hometown: Chicago

How you came to work at PrePlay: A friend who works at PrePlay let me know how awesome it is, and I couldn’t agree more.  Between my love of sports and technology it seemed like a perfect fit.

In every one of my elementary school class pictures, I am in a different Michael Jordan Bulls jersey.  Long live the 90′s.



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2013 All Star Week

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MLB’s most talented players invaded NYC last week and PrePlay Sports was in on the action.  Over the long weekend, PrePlay showed off our app at FanFest and attended the All Star 5K, Home Run Derby and All Star Game.

Take a look and see what we were up to.

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Weekly MLB Contests

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Starting this weekend, we’ll be giving away prizes!

What kind of prizes??

We’ll be handing out $50 Gift Cards to or an Premium subscription each week to one lucky winner who enters and wins our contests.


To find out how and when to enter, check our Facebook and Twitter pages daily, but this week we’re letting you in on a little secret – tomorrow at NOON we’ll be posting our first contest information on Facebook.

Good Luck!

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