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2014 MLB PrePlay

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Baseball season just ended, but we’re already really excited about the 2014 MLB season. Last week, the NYC PrePlay office and a few members of our Paris team headed to upstate New York to do some intense brainstorming of how the app and game will look next season. Now, we can’t tell you all about what we came up with, (where’s the fun in that?) but we can tell you we’re pretty excited about the advances and where the game is headed next year.

We had a nice friendly match of wiffle ball and soccer (while exercising our minds, might as well exercise the body too!) and in the spirit of the World Cup divided teams into French and Americans. In a golden goal finish, the Americans narrowly (literally the ball went off the post) took the game.

It was a great day and we’re really excited for what’s to come with MLB PrePlay during the next year and we’re confident you’ll be excited too! Stay tuned, only 136 days until Opening Day!

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Featured PrePlayer: Meet nc-red-sox

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Meet Terry, or some of you might know him as nc-red-sox in MLB PrePlay. Terry is our first featured user on the PrePlay blog. Throughout each season, we’ll highlight some of our users so you can learn a little more about your competition!

So let’s get to it and meet nc-red-sox aka Terry!

How did you hear about/start playing PrePlay?
 I saw an ad on NESN during a Red Sox game

Greatest PrePlay accomplishment: I got an 11 x 4 streak

World Series prediction: Boston Red Sox over the Dodgers in 5 games

Favorite sports memory: My 1st trip to Fenway was a Sunday night ESPN game against the New York Yankees and the Sox won!


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MLB FanCave Dwellers + MLB PrePlay

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Every Sunday the MLB Fan Cave Dwellers chat exclusively with PrePlay users during the Sunday Night Baseball game.  If you don’t know already, here’s a little more info on who the dwellers are and why they love playing.



Danny Farris

User name: ohshootitsdan

Favorite Team: Angels

On MLB PrePlay: MLB PrePlay is a great way to stay engaged with games. Not only does it make me accountable for the preposterous guesses I throw around, it’s fun to interact with fans watching baseball and playing the game with you. Full bio.



Travis Miller

User name: attravismiller

Favorite Team: Mets

On MLB PrePlay: I love playing MLB PrePlay because I’m constantly trying to predict (unsuccessfully) the outcomes of at-bats anyway – getting it on the record helps keep grounded. It’s also great because I get to interact with the other hardcore baseball fans such as myself. Full bio.



Mina Park

User name: minapark

Favorite Team: Rangers

On MLB PrePlay: It’s fun to see what everyone else predicts and who’s right and wrong. If someone in the Fan Cave claims that they called a play, we now don’t give them credit unless they PrePlay-ed it first. Full Bio.



Ben Wietmarschen

User name: ben-wietmarschen

Favorite Team: Reds

On MLB PrePlay: In the Fan Cave we always have at bats to look at, and PrePlay is a great way to add even more weight to each bat because you’re competing against all the other people watching the game, and proving that YOU KNOW MORE THAN THEM is really fun. Full Bio.



April Whitzman

User name: alleycat17

Favorite Team: Blue Jays

On MLB PrePlay: I love using MLB PrePlay as I get to see how well I can predict how my favorite players (and others!) will do. Sometimes it’s almost as exciting to be wrong as it is to be right! You just think, “wow I did not expect that!” On top of that the brag section gives me the chance to meet other baseball fans from all over the world. There’s nothing better than engaging with other baseball fans. Full Bio


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Yes, There’s Love For Boston in New York!

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It doesn’t take a die-hard MLB PrePlayer to know of the bitter rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees and how much each fan base despises the other.  But here at PrePlay, located squarely in the heart of Yankee territory in Midtown Manhattan, we have more love for Boston than most here in the Big Apple.

That’s because the New England Sports Network (NESN), the regional broadcast home of the Boston Red Sox, has partnered with PrePlay to make the Official Predictive Game of Major League Baseball a part of its overall second-screen strategy.

The early returns from the partnership have been extremely positive.  An overwhelming 39 percent of all new users in the app since the All-Star Break have been Red Sox fans – thanks in large part to the promotional efforts NESN provides.  In return, we are able to target highly engaged Red Sox fans with in-house or sponsor messaging on mobile through PrePlay’s state-of-the-art advertising platform.

Don’t worry Yankees fans, we’ll be working on a way to get this rivalry back on an even keel.

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